Month: February 2012

Metaldom: They Are Selling Counterfeit Re-bar

Metaldom: They Are Selling Counterfeit Re-barSANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican Metallurgical Complex (Metaldom) warned yesterday that take all the necessary steps to remove from the national marketplace re-bars that are being sold illegally under the Metaldom name.

The company informed engineers, architects, builders, hardware stores, warehouses and their clients that counterfeit re-bars of doubtful quality carrying the Metaldom name tags have been identified on the local market. The company, in a paid advertisement, reported that the company ‘s sales force will be visiting every establishment where the their brand of re-bar is sold, and will provide instructions on how to identify the authenticity of the Metaldom re-bar, a brand that is made 100% in the country. Metaldom ratified the fact that their production facility has the highest production standards of quality, and that the illegal re-bar has characteristics that are inferior to what their factory makes.

They said that the counterfeit re-bar display the brand name Metaldom, but they lack the authenticity that characterizes the products from the steel works with regard to quality and safety.

“We feel that there is a need to clear up this situation due to the unfavorable repercussions that the use of the illegitimate re-bar can have in the construction industry,” they reported.

The entry of the illegal re-bar in the market comes about at a moment when this product increased in price on the local market due to an increase in the price of steel.

The company announced that it would take the necessary measures to take the illegal re-bar with their logo off the market

About Metaldom:

Metaldom is a company in the Energy and Industry portfolio of assets administered by VICINI.

The VICINI family has invested in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic for over 140 years. VICINI is one of the companies that has contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of the country.

SOURCE: Diario Libre