Domicem kicks-off construction on solar power plant

DOMICEM kicks-off new solar power plant construction

DOMICEM carried out the groundbreaking ceremony to officially kick-off the construction for a solar-powered photovoltaic energy plant, of 1,500KWP, located in Sabana Grande de Palenque, in the San Cristóbal province, as part of its sustainable action plan, which will expand to 6,000 KWP for phase 2.

The project will consist of 4,616 solar panels, each of them with a 325WP production capacity, 49 SMA inverters, with a built-in capacity to produce 25.00KWP and which will produce a total of 2,286,305KWH of clean energy, which translates to DOMICEM ceasing to consume 56,175 fossil fuel gallons per year, by switching from traditional energy to solar.

Osvaldo Oller, Board VP at DOMICEM, stated that: “here at DOMICEM we have assumed the commitment of investing towards achieving a cleaner nation, and therefore our production focuses more each time on reducing emissions”. The executive explained that since 2013, the company has set out to carry out a series of new initiatives to achieve this goal.

“Asides this photovoltaic energy  project, back in 2013 we underwrote an agreement with EGE HAINA, to consume clean energy, produced by way of the Los Cocos Wind Farm, further on we set up a new Vertical Mill, which reduced energy consumption by over 10%, turning DOMICEM into a more efficient energy consumer company; another project we will be carrying out is the setup of a particulate electrostatic precipitator, which reduces emissions into the atmosphere, asides several reforestation drives in the recovery areas located nearby mining zones and mountains” Oller said.

This solar power plant will produce an environmental savings of 1,455,690Kilograms of CO2 per year, which will equal to DOMICEM planting some 48,532 trees.

Present at the groundbreaking act were the National Energy Commission Director, Mr. Juan Rodríguez Nina, and the Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Electricity Superintendence, César Augusto Prieto, and Adriano Brunetti, managing-director of DOMICEM, among other company executives


DOMICEM, one of the main cement production companies in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Created by a Dominican-Italian Business Guild in 2005; DOMICEM has developed a modern and avant-garde business philosophy, faithful to its sustainability and social responsibility pillars. DOMICEM features a modern production plant based in Sabana Grande de Palenque, in San Cristóbal; it features two distribution terminals, one located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and another in Port-au-Prince, in Haiti.

The company operates under a people-centered philosophy. Its strategy and all production processes are environment-friendly, managing the proper development policies, respectful of natural resources, impact mitigation and a responsible relationship with the community. The quality of its processes and products is its standard; and these are supported by national and international certifications, as well as the acquired experience. DOMICEM issues great contributions to the national economy, by generating foreign currency by exports, as well as direct and non-direct employment opportunities.


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