Month: September 2013

Phase II of Los Cocos Wind Park is Credited as UN Clean Developm

Phase II of Los Cocos Wind Park is Credited as UN Clean Development Mechanism Initiative

Phase II of Los Cocos Wind Park is Credited Phase II of Los Cocos Wind Park is CreditedSanto Domingo. Phase II of the Los Cocos Wind Park, by EGEHAINA was registered as the 7,100th initiative to form part of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), an accreditation conferred by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The first phase of the project, which became operational in 2012, is the 5000th initiative within the CDM.

The park extends from Juancho, Pedernales to Enriquillo, Barahona; it features 40 wind aerial generators, 26 of them form part of the second phase, for a fully setup capacity of 77MW. Also, it avoids the annual emission into the atmosphere of over 200,000 tonnes of CO2, at the same time that it saves the country on the importation of 600,000 crude oil barrels. This equals a total per year of USD$72 million in foreign currency expenditures.

With this certification, the clean energy the aerial jets produces, also generates bonds equal to the amount of CO2 tonnes that cease to reach the atmosphere. Each bond can be sold or traded at a securities exchange market, like the European Carbon Market (CEX).

About EGE Haina:

EGE Haina is a company in the Energy and Industry portfolio of assets administered by VICINI.

The VICINI family has invested in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic for over 140 years. VICINI is one of the companies that has contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of the country.

Source: Cuatriboliao