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Leonel Fernández Inaugurates a Military Agro Industrial Project at the Frontier

A Military Agro Industrial Project at the FrontierEl Día, September 30th, 2011. Elias Piña. President Leonel Fernández on Friday inaugurated the Project “Macasias Frontier Unit for Agro Industrial, Fish breeding, and Forestry Production”, built by the Ministry of the Armed Forces (AF) in coordination with several governmental institutions and with the support of private investors.

Within the military compound the Chief of State also delivered seven houses, fully furnished, that will be home to an equal number of soldiers and their families who serve at the pilot program, and which will also be implemented in other frontier communities.

After his keynote address, the Brigadier General Rafael Emilio de Luna Pichirilo, director general of the Armed Forces Promotion of Frontier Communities, explained that the project envisions the production of agricultural and forestry products, as well as breeding of sheep, fish, rabbits, and laying hens.

According to data provided by the Presidency in its webpage, through the far reaching program integrated by the private sector, the Armed Forces will substantially improve the standard of living not only of the officers and soldiers, but also living conditions of all frontier inhabitants, contributing to prevention of the exodus of those people to other towns.

General Luna Pichirilo stated that at the frontier units to be built along the frontier with Haiti, training will be provided for the civilian and military personnel on modern production techniques and breeding of domestic animals, and their commercialization.

The senator from Elias Piña, Adriano Sanchez Roa, who also spoke at the event, said that in less than one year President Fernández has inaugurated three important works that contribute significantly to the development of the community.

In the name of the community spoke Cristian Moreta, who after giving thanks stated the importance of the “Macasias Frontier Unit for Agro Industrial, Fish breeding, and Forestry Production”, to achieve the goals of progress and development of the inhabitants of that remote area of the country.

Frontier Development Foundation Sworn-in

During the event, President Fernández also sworn in the members of the Frontier Development Foundation, which will be chaired by entrepreneur Juan Vicini and Engineer Manuel Estrella as Vice President.

During the ceremony, the Armed Forces Minister, Lieutenant General Joaquín Pérez Feliz gave recognition to the President for his strong support to the construction of this innovative project.

Also honored were government officials and renowned entrepreneurs who contributed to the military unit.

After conclusion of the ceremony, the chief of state and officials present visited the facilities of the agricultural forestry and animal breeding project.

Among the officials who accompanied the President were the ministers of Public Works, Víctor Díaz Rúa and Agriculture, Salvador Jiménez. Also the manager of low cost meal centers, Nicolás Calderón, CAASD’s director, Freddy Pérez, among others.


An agro industry project for the frontier

The President cut the ribbon to inaugurate the frontier development project at Elías Piña. This project is geared to promote development and enhancement of the population.

An agro industry project for the Dominican frontier

By: Adalberto De La Rosa

Yesterday, President Leonel Fernández inaugurated at Macasías, Elías Piña, the first “Macasías Frontier Unit for Agro Industry, Fish, and Forest Production”,  built by the Government and the private sector at a cost of 34,600,000 pesos; then proceeded to sworn in the members of the sponsoring foundation.

Macasías, Elías Piña. Yesterday President Leonel Fernández inaugurated here the first “Macasías Frontier Unit for Agro Industry, Fish, and Forest Production”, built by the Government and the private sector at a cost of 34,600,000 pesos.

The goal is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of its population and to increase the population density of the area, considered one of the lowest in the country – 45 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The project’s director, General Rafael E. de Luna Pichirilo, said that this is the largest frontier area of the country and the one with fewer inhabitants because many have migrated abroad or to the eastern part of the country, abandoning towns or leaving them with very few people.

“It is of the utmost geopolitical importance to keep and increase frontier populations in order to keep a Dominican presence in the region, therefore, we, as a nation, must use all the necessary tools to improve the living conditions of the frontier inhabitants, as is stated under Article 10 of our Constitution”, stated the military man.

Fighting poverty. He said that the objective is to implement in this area and all the other frontier areas new production mechanisms to improve trade between the people of both nations in order to improve their standard of living and minimize hunger.

He stated that the project envisages production of agricultural products, some in greenhouses, breeding of sheep, fish, wild rabbits, laying hens, as well as planting of trees.

Initially, military men with their families will settle there and then groups of people from communities will be trained in several fields to apply the knowledge acquired in that zone.

To this end, seven concrete houses were built with paved streets, a health center and other facilities.

“Our main objective is to build human settlements sustained by food production and forestation units to serve as a role model for training of frontier inhabitants in order to replicate the project along the frontier”, stated General De Luna Pichirilo.

The program comprises construction of 18 production units in the five frontier towns: Pedernales, Dajabón, Elías Piña, Independencia, and Montecristi.

Thanks. The senator of Elías Piña, Adriano Sánchez Roa, welcomed and thanked President Leonel Fernández for being the only president who has visited the zone and in only one year in three occasions.

He emphasized the Armed Forces protagonist role in the development of the project and safety of the zone, where stealing of cows has been reduced considerably.

The projects. The projects developed so far are: a sheep farm, another for chicken, and one for rabbits; also, greenhouses, where several products are grown, and ponds to breed fish.

In order to reach the place, Public Works is building a 24 kilometers road to join Macasías with Comendador, at a cost of RD$400 million.


During the event, entrepreneurs Manuel Estrella, Manuel Grullón, Marcos Valiente and Juan Bautista Vicini, together with Juan José Arteaga, Ivelisse Ortiz, Abel Rodríguez del Orbe and the Minister of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Joaquín Virgilio Féliz Pérez were commended for their contributions, then were sworn in by President Leonel Fernández as members of the foundation that will manage the project.

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CAEI Inaugurates First Soccer Tournament

The Consortium of Industrial Sugar Enterprises (CAEI) inaugurated the first soccer tournament within the sugar communities, which was dedicated to their president, Don José María Cabral Vega.

The activity, which took place at the Stadium of the Felipe Vicini Perdomo School, the administrator for the Cristopher Columbus Sugar Mill, Alberto Potes, delivered a distinction placque to Mr. Cabral Vega, for his contributions to the sound recreational activities program practiced by its collaborators.

Meanwhile the Logistics and Harvest manager, Juan Tejada, delivered to a commission formed by players and team managers, the Cups to be disputed during the tournament. The participating teams are the central batey of the Christopher Columbus Sugar Mill, Angelina, Cayacoa and Contador.

The HRM and Social Responsibility manager for CAEI, Ana María González, explained that the basic reason for why the consortium has engaged in endowing the communities with wholesome entertainment, is because of their certainty in the belief that sports strengthen physical as well as mental health of those whom practice it and closes all possibilities of incurring in drug use, vices and delinquency.

González said that this activity sets in motion the commencement of a recreational and sports activities program aimed at the improvement and human growth of children and adolescents in the CAEI community.

Soccer is lived and breathed in the sugar cane communities. The goal is hidden within the plantations and is more passionate with every swing of the machete. Each child, each young boy, kicks the ball, and with every kick, their hope for a better life grows, González expressed.

The activity featured the attendance of the deputy mayor of San Pedro de Macorís, Salvadora Sabino de los Llanos, Wendy Brea; lieutenant coronel of the National Army, José Peral; the administrator of the Felipe Vicini Perdomo School, Salvador Díaz; the head of Culture and Recreational Activities for CAEI, Hulda Zorrilla, and the Sports coordinator, Abraham Solano, among others.

About CAEI:

CAEI is a company in the Energy and Industry portfolio of assets administered by VICINI.

The VICINI family has invested in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic for over 140 years. VICINI is one of the companies that has contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of the country.