Month: January 2009

METALDOM Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary

METALDOM celebrates their 40th Anniversary

José López Vicini y Karsten P. Windeler

The Complejo Metalúrgico, CxA (Metallurgical Compound) – METALDOM, a subsidiary of VICINI, hosted a cocktail for its members, clients, and related stakeholders, in occasion of the celebration of their 40th anniversary.

The activity was celebrated at the premises of the new Sansoucí Terminal, in East Santo Domingo, and Monsignor Benito Angeles gave the welcoming speech.

VICINI manifested that the Metaldom challenge is: to advance, maintaining the aspiration of increasing and expanding their business, exports and services in all Central America and the Caribbean, in addition to broadening their product portfolio, thus increasing simultaneously their seal of quality.

About Metaldom:

Metaldom is a company in the Energy and Industry portfolio of assets administered by VICINI.

The VICINI family has invested in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic for over 140 years. VICINI is one of the companies that has contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of the country.